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  • Capt.Brandon Beachum

Sacramento river salmon fishing report 11/20/2019

Wrapping up our fishing season for the Sacramento river LATE FALL king salmon run.

There are a few Late fall salmon around in the Sacramento river for those die hard

Sacramento river salmon fisherman still looking to fill their freezers for the winter months.

Flatfish lures back bounced on the bottom are your best bet this time of year. Thanksgiving

time is when we start thinking about hunting ducks in the rice and spending time with loved

ones. This is the time of year we start wrapping things up to spend the holidays with our friends and family, take a vacation and get some maintenance done on the boats. Look for more reports after the first of the year, we will start fishing for Sturgeon and stripers sometime in January. Remember for your best Salmon fishing guide in Northern California Call Capt. Brandon at 916-289-0432 for Sacramento river salmon fishing guided trips. #1 Rated salmon fishing guide in Northern California. In business since 1999!

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