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  • Capt.Brandon Beachum

Sacramento River Salmon Fishing Report 12/01/2020

Sacramento River Salmon Fishing report! Sacramento River Late Fall Salmon Run!

The Sacramento river LATE FALL salmon fishing has been hit or miss this year.

Sacramento LATE FALL salmon numbers are lower than normal this year. Chrome bright

LATE FALL Sacramento river salmon are getting harder to find, we want to thank

everyone that came out for the 2020 Sacramento river salmon season and look

forward to next year. We are done fishing this year until after Christmas. Book your 2021

Sacramento river salmon guided fishing trip and charter! Remember for the best

Sacramento river salmon fishing guide in Northern California Call Capt Brandon at

916-289-0432 for Sacramento river Salmon fishing guided trips. #1 Rated fishing guide in

Northern California. In business since 1999!

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